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Every human being has cancer cells in their body. Most people don't even know they have cancer cells because their immune system safely and easily kills their cancer cells as they form. In fact, as long as there is a balance between the number of new cancer cells in their body, and the strength of their immune system, they will never get cancer, meaning the cancer cells will never grow out of control.

Cancer is caused by an imbalance between the number of cancer cells in the body and the strength of the immune system. Either there are more cancer cells than there should be or the immune system is too weak, or both. This imbalance allows the cancer cells to spread enough to be noticed and be dangerous.

Natural cancer treatments do three things:

  1. safely get rid of cancer cells by gently killing the cancer cells.
  2. strengthen the immune system.
  3. fix the “inner terrain” of the body to make the body hostile to cancer cells.

Mission accomplished, the person has their balance restored and they are cured of their cancer.

Now let us talk about the orthodox cancer treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Chemotherapy destroys a person's immune system because the immune system has many fast-growing cells. Chemotherapy also kills many fast-growing cells in the stomach and colon, making it difficult for the cancer patient to properly digest healthy foods.

Furthermore, chemotherapy is so toxic that if a person used enough chemotherapy to kill all of their cancer cells, the patient would die long before all of their cancer cells died.

Thus, chemotherapy makes both sides of the equation worse. Not only is the immune system damaged, but there are lots of cancer cells left over after treatment. The person becomes dependent on chemotherapy for life because they have no immune system; assuming they live very long.

One of the great deceptions of orthodox medicine is that they can put people into “remission.” You can rest assured when a person's immune system has been destroyed, and many, many cancer cells have survived the treatment, a cancer patient can never be truly in “remission.” Their cancer will always come back because the balance has not been restored.

In addition, radiation and surgery also kill many healthy cells, meaning non-cancerous cells. Surgery is also hard on the immune system.

In short, orthodox cancer treatments convert a cancer patient (for as long as they live) into a patient with a chronic disease.

Orthodox medicine hates the term “cure” because they have no desire to “cure” cancer by restoring the balance between new cancer cells and the immune system.

All of this is why alternative cancer treatments can have 30 times higher true cure rate than orthodox cancer treatments. Alternative cancer treatments TARGET cancer cells or they do no harm to non-cancerous cells. Thus, alternative cancer treatments can be used in much, much higher doses than orthodox cancer treatments and thus they can be far more effective.

Mother Nature knows how to cure cancer (i.e. restore the balance). In fact, Mother Nature has put more than 400 different ways to cure cancer on this planet.

That is precisely why many people have no fear of cancer. They know exactly what to do if they get cancer.

In addition, two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, Ph.D., and Ewan Cameron, M.D., demonstrated that a person who uses 10 grams of Vitamin C a day, by I.V., will live 10 times longer than a person who avoids all orthodox cancer treatments (though orthodox treatments are occasionally necessary to deal with emergencies, such as brain swelling or tumors pressing on the bile duct, etc.).

But there are far better alternative cancer treatments than even the Vitamin C protocol of Dr. Pauling and Dr. Cameron.

Thus, newly diagnosed cancer patients have several choices when they are diagnosed with cancer:

  • They can die quickly, be in incredible pain, and go bankrupt, by using orthodox treatments,
  • They can live longer and be in less pain by doing nothing,
  • They can extend their life by 10 times or more by using 10 grams of Vitamin C by I.V. daily,
  • They can cure their cancer by rebuilding their immune system and safely killing all their cancer cells.

It is people who know all of these things who have no fear of cancer.

So why haven't you learned all of these things in the media? Why hasn't the media ever told the truth about these 400 cures for cancer? Perhaps it is because the media makes billions of dollars every year for their alliance with the pharmaceutical industry. Few people connect the dots and realize that the pharmaceutical ad money buys a lot of influence with the media. In fact, the truth about alternative cancer treatments is totally blacklisted by the media.

This discussion about information explains why, in spite of the vast superiority of alternative cancer treatments, more than 99 percent of newly diagnosed cancer patients begin their cancer treatment with orthodox cancer treatments.

Curing cancer with alternative cancer treatments is fairly easy for those who are recently diagnosed and do not have a particularly vicious type of cancer. It must be kept in mind, however, that cancer can be relentless, so cancer should never be taken lightly.

Cancer patients who have had extensive chemotherapy, radiation. and surgery, on the other hand, not only have a great deal of physical damage, a damaged immune system, and many cancer cells, but they have lost many months of treatment time. Plus it probably took them weeks of Internet research to find a quality website on alternative cancer treatments.

Can alternative cancer treatments cure someone who has already had massive amounts of orthodox cancer treatments? While not everyone can survive their cancer, many people have cured their cancer with alternative cancer treatments after being sent home to die by orthodox medicine. (Note: More than 15 percent of cancer patients who die of cancer are still on chemotherapy at the time they die, thus they are never sent home to die. This percentage will no doubt grow.)

This free eBook will go into greater detail on these issues.

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